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1975 - entered the State School of Circus and Variety Arts, in 1979 - graduated from School with Performance "Musical Clowning" as presenter, director and educator S.A.Kashtelyan, G.A.Granovskaya.

1979 - adopted by the staff of the State association "Mosconcert"

1980 - resigned from "Mosconcert" and was admitted to the State Association "Soyuzgoscirk" to the clown trio Prosvirnin S., Kozlovskij V., Egorov V.

1981 - transferred to the turn "Musical buffoonery" of Y.Rostovzev

1991 – leaved the above-mentioned turns and started rehearsing musical numbers together with Vladimir Starikov (circus on the Colored Boulevard, directors Y.V.Nikulin, V.L.Pliner), the music was written by S. Prosvirnin. Winner of the All-Russian Competition of Circus Performers – 1st prize (paired with V. Starikov)

1992 - joined the staff of GMGC with V. Starikov (Great Moscow State Circus)

1996 - Honored Artist of Russia

1997 - Competition Monte Carlo - a prize of authors and performers of the creative intelligentsia of Monaco

2000 – laureate of the Moscow Government Award in the field of literature and art.

2002 - laureate of the National Award "CIRCUS"

2005 - started working with a new partner S.M.Eroshenkov (professional tap-dancer, actor)



1986 - Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico

1990 - United States

1991 - Morocco

1993 - Spain

1994 - Canary Islands

1996 - Argentina, Chile

1997 - United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

1998 - Switzerland

1999 - Japan

2000 - Bahrain, Algeria, Tunisia

2002 - Canada

2004 - 2005 - United States

Annually from 1996 to 2006, from November to December – France



1979 - "Little circus show performer", directed by Vladimir Bychkov

1987 - "Home on the road of war" directed by Hachaturov

1976 - "Give me Life" (TV series), directed by Krasnopolskij, Uskov "Sayans are noisey"


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